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扉 とびら - door

扉 とびら door, opening

鉄扉 てっぴ iron door, 防火扉 ぼうかとびら fire door, 防水扉 ぼうすいひ watertight door, 自動扉 じどうとびら automatic door, 回転扉 かいてんとびら revolving door


Not so common, but interesting and can be important to know.

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Kanji Desktop Wallpaper - Bookmark

栞 しおり bookmark

to put a bookmark between the pages of a book

挿む さむ to interpose, to hold between
挿す さす to insert

Unusual kanji in that it seems to have only one meaning.


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Kanji Desktop Wallpaper

仙 せん wizard

仙人 せんにん hermit, wizard, fairy, 仙郷 せんきょう fairyland, 仙女 せんじょ fairy, nymph, elf, 酒仙 しゅせん heavy drinker