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Kanji Desktop Wallpaper

箱 はこ box

空箱 からばこ empty box, 本箱 ほんばこ bookcase, ごみ箱 ごみばこ rubbish bin, 玉手箱 たまてばこ treasure chest, 箱庭 はこに miniature garden, 筆箱 ふでばこ pencil box, 薬箱 くすりばこ medicine box, 宝箱 たからばこ strongbox, 豚箱 ぶたばこ police cell (pig-box! very much spoken Japanese!), 私書箱 ししょばこ Post Office Box

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Kanji Desktop Wallpaper for 凪 Nagi - Calm

凪 なぎ calm, lull

凪ぐ なぐ to become calm, 夕凪 ゆうなぎ evening calm, 夜凪 よなぎ evening calm, 朝凪 あさなぎ morning calm (over the ocean)

This is not a very common kanji but you can see it in the title of the Anime “Nagi no Asukara (凪のあすから)”.